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i may have conceived you

but i cannot deceive you

around and around

i search the underground

but you may have surfaced

gone mainstream

i thought they were just mindless faces

movement but no dreams

this must not be the case

i have an undying faith in you

maybe i was stingy as i dished it out

maybe more deserve it too

so quick was i to dismiss

this great mass of consciousness

that is where i went wrong

i was too selective with my song i should have belted it out at

the top of my lungs

to any that would listen

not just you

and such a select few

i fell into the trap of

desiring to forge my individuality

just like everyone else does

i did not realize that

i could be we and still be me

i forgot the fitful location of life


i am no `rock'

i've never met an `island'

there is no solitary

only solidarity

i sing to my brothers

i sing to my sisters

i sing to my mothers

and i sing to my fathers

let us rejoice in each other

let us breath in each other

let us find comfort in each other

let us find freedom in each other

the path to salvation is wide

and requires us to walk side by side

Jika Knight, USA

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